Chronic prostatitis Vascular disease (blood vessel disease and inflammation of the vessel wall) Dysfunction with erection (impotence) Prostate hyperplasia (benign) Dysfunction in microcirculation Inflammations (due to catheter handling) Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles Sluggish prostate (activates its functionality) Reduces irritation in the lower urinary tract Strengthens the muscle for sexual ejaculation at intercourse
Helps with the following:
reduced need of pee, less or no need of catheter minor infection risk better night's sleep less stress higher work effort increase your sexual life and much more …
The device stimulates the prostate to recreate its more natural size and function. This by means of magnetism, vibration and heat to reduce the occurrence of fluid that prevents blood circulation in the prostate itself.
Benefits of Donévit Prostam prostate treatments:
Micro magnetic and vibrant massage with heat against Enlarged Prostate
If you suffer from prostate problems, enlarged or sluggish prostate, then Donévit Prostam is probably the best first aid and solution against your discomfort. Prostate problems can be remedied with Donévit Prostrain developed in collaboration with the healthcare to “cure” and counteract enlarged Prostate diseases and problems. Enlarged prostate can lead to serious illnesses and infections. The unique ability of the device that NOT adversely affect other bodily functions; have made it to be part of treatments in several hospitals, clinics and caregivers there this unit have got a given place as part in healthcare procedure against enlarged prostate. The unit pulsates with variable frequency and low-effect magnetic field with heat (app 40°C) to ensure that the prostate regains more of the normal functions and its more natural size. Recommended that it be used in parallel with the usual medical care. It is even easy to use in your own home in in the aftercare. Donévit Prostam is intended for the treatment of patients with chronic prostatitis, internal effects on the prostate through three different methods, Hypertherm so called heat exposure, pulsing vibration and magnetism to get blood circulation started and help empty the prostate on "redundant" fluid formation and last but not least an anti-inflammatory function for to moderate Inflammations that can has due to catheters that are often offered while waiting for surgery.
Donévit Prostam
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